Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials


Program description:
The Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group is dedicated to the care of patients with epilepsy and offers a comprehensive program for the diagnosis and treatment of children and adults with epilepsy. The highly experienced epilepsy team includes epileptologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, nurses and researchers who focus exclusively on epilepsy and seizure disorders. Our expanding research program includes clinical drug trials and other research efforts to better understand the best use of existing treatment options and to test promising new treatments.

Research activities:
Nearly 3 million Americans are affected by epilepsy and approximately 30% of all epilepsies are uncontrolled.  Although 10 new anti-seizure medications have been brought to market over the last decade, the percentage of patients with epilepsy responding to treatment has not changed.  Our investigators continue the effort to find new treatments for epilepsy.  Research studies are both multi-center (national and international) and single-center. By participating in clinical trials, patients may have access to leading-edge treatments and therapies.

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For more information about research studies at Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group, please contact:

Directors of Research
Director of Pediatric Clinical Trials
Eric Segal, M.D.

Director of Adult Clinical Trials
Pavel Klein, M.D.

Co-Director of Adult Clinical Trials
Asfi Rafiuddin, DO

Executive Director, Division of Clinical Research
Hardik Rana



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